I have a mixed background in science, philosophy and art (MA in Philosophical Foundations of Physics, PhD in Science, Technology and Law, MFA in Photography and Related Media). I am a research fellow at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute on Sustainability (IRIS), based at the University of Torino. In collaboration with Silvio Funtowicz, I work on the relationship between science, technology and sustainability, within the framework of post-normal science. My recent research in this context deals with the issue of the demarcation of science as boundary work. Currently, I am working on the problem of quality in science with a reference to the figure of physicist Richard Feynman, over the course of 20th Century. As a visual artist, I use photography and video as a medium for installation and performance, working at the interface of science, art and sustainability. In collaboration with artist Juan Recamán, I am presently co-directing a short film about art making in nature. As an educator, I lecture about science, technology and ethics, and I develop and conduct participatory workshops about photography and visual art. I have been appointed expert at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. I am a founding member of the Italian Association for Sustainability Science.  For my approach to photography see the artist statement below.

CV  / Statement