non hierarchical observation

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It is important that as a photographer I engage in what might be called non-hierarchical observation. The value of any object is in fact equal in front of the camera. The camera has no opinion. The photograph is always in the present moment. (You can’t photograph a memory or a fantasy.)

It is said that Albert Einstein claimed he could make his discoveries because he never outgrew the questions we have as children (why the sky is blue or why does a thing fall down, etc.)

I feel that connections between science and art can be stated very simply as a search for something that is true. There is a theory that roughly states that if you go far enough in any direction of knowledge, you arrive at the same place that has ‘truth’. This begins to bring the discussion into a realm of what we can risk calling ‘spiritual’.

I see artistic and scientific development as feeding each other in the pursuit of the same aim. The only problem is the requirement of energy and courage.

Philip Perkis 2006


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