art, science and the meaning of research

open questions for a public dialogue in response to Tim Ingold’s lecture  @ GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna within IperPianalto  by andrea caretto | raffaella spagna


1) Responsibility, art and science. Being responsible in modern terms has to do with the ability to predict the future consequences of action in order to make good in the present. Science is traditionally in charge of prediction. This idea begins to unravel as we realize that in a complex world the more we learn about the future the more there is to know and the more uncertain the future becomes. Can art making and research become allies to deal with complexity when we are called to act responsibly? John Cage, Joseph Beuys and the ability to respond to uncertainty and unpredictability. How can we learn to respond to the challenges of our times, to correspond with reality –  as scientists, artists and citizens? 2) Science, art and the dynamics of the market. In its etymological sense, art has to do with “moving towards something”, once again evoking a correspondence with the world. What about the practice of contemporary art? what is  still present, what is lost and what is  transformed of this original meaning? how do the dynamics of the market that undermine the curiosity oriented research in science, limit or eradicate the sense of open correspondence in the practice of art making and fruition? 3) Questioning objectivity, certainty and universality in science (and in art).  How do we cope with the inherent uncertainty of our reality? How can we openly value the subjective nature of research while pursuing its inner quality? How can we learn to include wisdom emerging from different forms knowledge, based on sensitivity to experience?