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walking pianalto

a collective action across the Altopiano of Poirino from Cambiano to Montà d’Alba

invited artist / scientist  @ IperPianalto  by andrea caretto | raffaella spagna for Fondazione Spinola-Banna per l’Arte and GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Torino

Polaroid 05-crop2-miniPolaroid 05-crop3-mini

Norwergian philosopher Arne Naess argued that ethics depends on how we experience the world, which in turn depends on the power we have at our disposal. Defined as energy over time, power is a physical variable that influences our perception of distances and how we interact with our outer and inner reality.

A reflection on the use of the body’s metabolic power to experience time and space, through walking.

A collective use of Polaroid with the awareness that picture taking is rooted in our way of being and moving: our physical, mental and emotional posture.

A reading of “speed stunned imagination” from energy and equity by Ivan Illich.


the unseen

research and curatorial project @ Progetto Diogene

in collaboration with Michela Depetris, Giulia Gallo, Silvia Margaria, Enrico Partengo, Elena Tortia, Arianna Uda

invited artists: Py & Verde (Sept 20), Pierluigi Fresia (Sept 27) and Cyrilla Mozenter (Oct 4)


The Unseen explores the process of art making and its relationship with an audience. Finished bodies of work can be thought of as evidence of an invisible, time dependent, physical, intellectual and emotional research. This research remains hidden.

Four artists were invited to reflect on their process and share their hidden exploration. First, within the group of artists who conceived the project, then with an extended audience, in a public event at the Diogene’s tram.

Process happens in a private space and uncovering it requires mutual  trust. For nurturing trust, the group of The Unseen has chosen to invite artists whose life and work were already in close contact with at least one of the members. The separation between the observers (inviting) and the observed (invited) was further dissolved by sharing individual processes, vulnerabilities and aspirations in an open dialogue among all the people involved.

A number of closed meetings were organised over the course of several months, between the spring and the summer of 2017.  It became a process in its own terms. A wide spectrum of common issues – questions, obstacles and ways to overcome them –  emerged across three generations of artists, working in Italy, France, Belgium and the US.

The final events took the form of a series of lectures/performance.

what I cannot create, I do not understand @ GAM

lecture performance @  GAM – Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea – Torino

in Atlante Energetico – curated by Elena Mazzi for Fondazione Spinola-Banna per l’Arte and GAM

video, still images, blackboard and words


The project inspired by Richard Feynman’s quote on his last blackboard at Cal Tech continues to develop in the shape of a multimedia lecture performance at the contemporary art museum of Torino.

It is a story about the delicate and mutable relationship between knowing and making; discovery and invention; science, technology and governance. Three chapters range from the making of the atomic bomb in Los Alamos (1940s), the Challenger disaster (1980s) and the emerging technologies in the field of ICT and synthetic biology (2010s).